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We believe quality food service should never be compromised, even when it comes to sticking to a budget per inmate and the pressure of a fixed correctional facility budget. We’re aware of the challenges, and have years of experience making it work.

Acorn recognizes that we must deliver the correct calorie count menu proposed, as well as meet the needs of inmates and Correction Officers. Our registered dietitian will sign off on our submitted and proposed seasonal menus. They will acknowledge that they are calorie count authorized, giving you professional confidence the guidelines as set forth in your request for proposal specification are being met.



Acorn’s commissary meal program provides our clients with a high-end, quality meal, from off-premise, whether for schools, halfway houses, or correctional or military programing. These organizations have found Acorn to be a great partner in delegating their dining needs.

We rely on more than 30 years of experience providing superior on-site dining and catering services. Our commissary service, like all of our services, reflects our dedication to high quality food, personalized service, and hassle-free experiences.

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Acorn, in addition to a quality meal service that can adhere to tight budgets and specific nutritional needs, is also prepared to implement training for inmates as a “Career After” program.

This program mainstreams inmates and prepares them to become successful in the on-site dining and hospitality industry. Our goal is to also make sure that each inmate who works in the kitchen is ServeSafe certified and passes the ServeSafe certification guidelines and test. This additional benefit beyond great food provides real value to our food service program.

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Acorn has been providing its clients and guests all around the nation a consistently great product and service on an everyday basis for 30 years.


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