Our Mission

Client Satisfaction Is Acorn’s Mission

Our mission is to be the best and most innovative provider of quality contract food management services by satisfying our clients and customers, continuously improving our services and respecting, while empowering, our staff.

Respect and Empowerment of People

We put people first. At Acorn, we’re guided by a deep respect for people, striving for honest and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients, customers, suppliers and employees.

Acorn’s quality depends on its people. Whether it’s our staff or our clients, our people are our greatest asset! Acorn is dedicated to their growth and empowerment through complete trust, constant recognition and careful training.

Continuous Improvement

We’re not the kind of food service companies still relying on old practices, techniques, and approaches. We think ahead. And we’re also flexible – we’re serving you, and your feedback helps us improve.

We’re committed to continuous improvement in all we do. We think this embrace of change is our strength.


Fresh & Innovative

Acorn is committed to total quality as the primary guiding value. It drives everything we do, because it helps make you look great at your event or corporate cafeteria. People recognize quality food, and we make sure it’s provided with excellent quality control (assurance) systems.

We know we’re upholding quality when we get feedback from those we serve, and our track record shows we’re excelling. Your respect and support means the world to us. We’re committed to an absolute understanding of what you need, and exceeding those expectations.

Services Offered

Catering & Conference Services

We enjoy opportunities to provide catering and conference services, because that’s our chance to flourish. We make sure there’s a quality presentation that will make you want to work with us again for your next conference and recommend us to others.


You never have to worry about the cleanliness and sanitation of our services. We know how critical it is for your staff to feel confident they are being served food that has been prepared properly. We surpass all municipal codes and certification criteria and are assured by quality operating procedures, training and regularly scheduled audits.

Express Preparation Service

We offer express service from start to finish in just a minute, as well as display cookery prepared from the grill, wok or skillet. This adds an extra dimension to what you offer, making you look even better.

Healthy Choices

Health and nutrition are more than just buzzwords to us. They are a proud part of what we offer. Acorn’s customer wellness program offers plenty of delicious menu options offered at each point of sale.

Premium Ingredients

Quality ingredients specified from the highest grades and standards are always used to insure freshness and customer satisfaction.

Acorn has been providing its clients and guests all around the nation a consistently great product and service on an everyday basis for 30 years.


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