About Acorn

About Acorn

For more than 30 years, Acorn has differentiated ourselves from the competition by staying true to our company values.

While competitors believe they are in the food business that involves serving people, we work every day to be in the people business serving high-quality food.

Our clients are what give us pride, knowing we can exceed expectations and give them a customized, rapid-response experience that the conglomerates can’t touch. That philosophy has served as well, whether it’s providing food for a regional business, or working at the national level for the FBI or NASA. Who else can provide that kind of experience?

We know clients want to have a food service experience that is based on their needs, and not just a cookie-cutter approach.

We have successfully served clients from many different markets; Private Industry; University & College; Civilian Government, Federal Government; General Services Administration; IRS; NASA; FBI; ICE; ATF; US Marshals; Federal Courts; Department of Defense and Homeland Security; US Army; US Air Force; US Navy; and US Coast Guard.

Through it all, we’ve covered a wide range of food services: café service, catering, executive dining, vending, food concession, full food service, dining room attendants, military dining hall, cafeteria service, and even custodial, facility, and janitorial services.

We’re really proud of the great clients we’ve worked with. And we’re excited to work with you. After all, we’re in the people business.

Here’s our approach to how we’ll work with you:

Market Awareness
Doing our job effectively means staying on top of new food and service trends and measuring the effectiveness of what we do now. You’ll be getting service that is the latest & greatest, with proven results.

Acorn stands accountable for what we provide, and that means exceeding operational and financial goals we establish with you. To do this, we have regular meetings and keep a direct communication going. We think a contract is only the start of the process. You deserve to be up-to-date and get what you paid for and more.

We use merchandizing programs to help communicate with customers about our responsiveness to their needs and wants. Each of Acorn’s merchandising programs emphasizes the value of the food and service.

Get a Quote

Interested in our services? We’ve got highly-trained staff members who have worked with many industries and can get you a proper estimate so you can get a feel for our services and budget.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote by filling out the form. Have a specific question? Email us at info@acornfood.com or call 610-664-2291.

Acorn has been providing its clients and guests all around the nation a consistently great product and service on an everyday basis for 30 years.


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