St. Patrick’s Day: Luck of the Irish Cuisine

St. Patrick's Day festivities for Acorn's Sea Girt location

[caption id="attachment_281" align="alignright" width="300"] St. Patrick's Day festivities for Acorn at the Tennessee Highway Patrol training center[/caption] We love getting into the spirit of a special day like St. Patrick's Day. For us, that means decorations and special cuisine we think your customers will appreciate. It adds some fun to the atmosphere and gives us a chance to show off what we can do, from roasted corn beef to Irish whiskey bread. Take a look at just a few of the sample menus we have for the 17th! [gallery columns="1" ids="285,284,283,282"]   (more…)

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Advantages of hiring a corporate caterer

Catering Acorn Food

It can be easy to try to "make do" at a corporate event with limited food offerings. But you are missing out? There are huge advantages to bringing in a professional, quality corporate caterer like Acorn. Business meetings revolve around food. People will focus on the food more than you think. If you're not offering a good menu, they'll be preoccupied thinking of what your business is lacking rather than the task at hand. It's human nature. You have a lot on your plate. You don't want the food that goes on it to be one more thing. Corporate catereres take care of everything so the meal or snacks aren't even

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Food Safety: A hazard to productivity?


We take food safety very seriously. We want our food service employees to take extra care to keep their stations clean and food preparation and sanitation seriously, because we want you and your staff to be confident in what you're eating! But did you know that food safety is also a matter of productivity? A Journal of Environmental Health article estimated that annual productivity losses attributed to foodborne illnesses costs businesses anywhere from $20 to $40 billion annually. So workers who suffer from food poisoning and related illnesses can't go to work, and that means the company is affected, too. That's just one reason you'll find that Acorn stands accountable for

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What came first: The chicken or the egg or the egg-less egg

Washington Post photo - Hampton Creek works on eggless eggs

At Acorn, we pride ourselves at giving customers exactly what they want and being on the cutting edge of food service trends. It's why our customers love us - we can come up with most anything to satisfy their employees or clients! But we think this new trend is an interesting one we haven't cracked just yet: eggless eggs! One company, Hampton Creek, already has a product you may have seen at Target or your local grocery store - Just Mayo, a vegan version of mayonnaise without eggs. Now they are going straight after eggs: Dubbed Just Scramble, it’s on schedule to debut in the food-service sector at the end

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One way to get national brands inside your employee cafeteria

Starbucks Nathans Subway food service

Did you know? Acorn can offer nationally-known brands in your business, such as Starbuck’s, Subway, and Nathan’s. Just think of offering a place to get Starbucks to your employees right at the office! You'd be employee of the year! While any company can get by with offering basic food service, offering name brand, nationally-known chains right in your employee cafeteria or lobby? That's the kind of place customers and employees want to spend their time at. It makes you appear more professional, while also giving you the quality of top brands. We think the hassle-free, high-upside appeal of a Subway , Nathan's hot dogs or other big-name brands is worth

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