About us

For 25 years, Acorn has been providing its clients and guests all around the nation a consistently great product and service on an everyday basis. Though a small business, Acorn is currently serving more than 10,000 meals daily in eight states, always with the caring guidance and insight of founder Deborah LePera and her team.

From café service to executive catering, from food concession to vending, from cafeteria service to military dining halls, we make every meal with people that we are serving in mind. We’re a food service management company that never forgets we’re in the people business. While national chains will churn out food, we make sure our guests receive the kind of quality and personalized service that make you come back for more.

If you’re in the market for a food service provider, then let us show you all we have to offer. Have questions? Not sure if we can fit a need? Get in touch today and we’ll find a solution.